Fri Aug 19 2011: Um... Rainbows and Ponies...?

Isafjordur (A) to Akureyri (B)

We've said goodbye to the West Fjords and headed into the north-eastern part of the island. About 600kms. The past couple of days have been cold, gloomy and overcast, but we're still having an icy, cold blast!

Hunting big game

All signs point to having a good time!

As the roads in Iceland crest a hill, signs point which side of the road you need to be on, since there are no streetlights at night (or during the day when Iceland is plunged into darkness for 20 hours a day).

The scenery on the north shore looks very different from the West Fjords. A lot of greenery, farms and agriculture around here.

Neda says hi

So asian...

Taking in some scenery

These may be tame Icelandic horses; but when you see them galloping it's pretty wild!

The stops are few and far between on the roads in Iceland. If you don't pack food
for an impromptu picnic, it may be several hours before you hit the next town.

"Want some lunch?"

"If I let you pet me, can I have some of your sammich?"

Master Planner making sure everything is running smoothly
We stopped into a gas station/cafe on the main ring road for a rest and quick bite to eat. It was a nice surprise to hear Cowboy Junkies playing on the radio! However, after awhile, a busload of tourists came through the door which was our cue to leave.

Having so much fun off the beaten path

"Claudio! Make sure you get my good side!"

Sitting on our bikes, watching a rainbow. Just another day in Iceland.

Today was a travel day. Having rejoined the Ring Road, with the rest of the tourists, we headed east towards Akureyri; often called Iceland's second city. After the remoteness of Westfjords, we decided to settle in the heart of this bustling fishing town with its own thriving cultural scene. The atmosphere in town was very festive, with lots of young people and tourists milling about its pedestrian walkways, cafés, shops and fine restaurants.

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