Sun Jul 29 2007: Arcos de la Frontera

We spent the day at Arcos de la Frontera, an old fort/town positioned high atop of a cliff. All the house and buildings are white-washed, and the town has changed ownership from the Moors to the Spaniards so the architecture is quite varied. I'll spare you this history (you can google it yourself), here are some pictures:

Town on the edge of a cliff

Narrow streets. We had to ride our motorcycles through these, up steep hills!

Originally we were only going to stay the night, but I discovered the Paradores chain of hotels in Spain, very nice, and the moment we checked in, we had to stay an extra day.

Paradores Arcos de la Frontera on the right, the Santa Maria church on the left

View from the hotel's restaurant

That's our hotel in the archway

Views from our room

One thing about the Spanish language, the c in Gracias is pronounced "th", so you actually say it with a slight lisp: "Gra-thee-us". Different from most other Spanish countries. Gracias is our most widely used phrase when in Spain. Second is "Perdón", which means, "Sorry for hitting you in the back with my tankbag".

Inside a church

The weather is so freakin' hot, most people venture out either in the morning or late evening. Staying inside in the middle of the day. Only tourists wander the city when the sun is at the highest. I had a long 3-hour siesta/nap in the afternoon, so I'm feeling very Spanish.


Restaurant where we ate lunch

The town really comes alive when the sun comes down. We were the only ones having dinner around 8PM in an outdoor restaurant, but after sunset, you couldn't find an available seat. We had quite a few laughs over a couple jarras of sangria. Everything is funnier with a pitcher of wine with fruit in it!

Happy over Sangria

Moon over Arcos

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